About academy

    The International Academy of Creative Endeavors began its activities in 1992 (in 1989-1992 - Academy of Creative Endeavors of the USSR) in Moscow, as an internationally orientated body embracing science, arts and social issues in keeping up with the principles of progressive academies of the world. As a new initiative in the field of science and arts, the Academy of Creative Endeavors enhances and promotes various human activities on the basis of creative contributions by its members in their respective areas to scientific and social enterprises.

The Academy unites creative personalities and groups in diverse areas of science, arts, culture and public life. It's purpose is to consolidate society using new progressive forms of organization joint projects.

Annually the Presidium of Academy allocates vacant places for election of Full members (academicians) and Member-correspondents.

Concerning promotion of candidates to address by following phones:

The president: (495) 685-53-95 Gldyshev G.P.
The first Vice-president: (495) 760-49-46 Fomichyov J.N.
The head of a department of art: 8 (916) 089-65-34 Lukjanov V.I.
The head of a department of education: (495) 912-54-09 Ershov V.B.

Awards of academy

The presidium of the International Academy of creativity has founded the maximum award of Academy - the AWARD of GLORY.

Орден Академии

The award of Glory awards the inhabitants of the Planet who has brought the powerful contribution to development of universal culture, including a science and other spheres of a life of a society.

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Institute physical and chemical
problems of evolution

The institute of Physical and chemical problems of evolution is created in 1989 The decision of Presidium of Academy.

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Commmerce and Law Institute

Trade mark of Commmerce and Law
InstituteCommmerce and Law Institute - not state educational establishment based in 1991 Academy of Creativity of the Russian Federation at participation of educational bodies and business circles of Moscow.

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